An International Civil War                                                                              Greece, 1943 - 1949
Andre Gerolymatos

This impressive history clearly demonstrates Greek’s pivotal role in shaping American foreign policy, the politics of the post Second World War period and its role in the crucial starting point of the Cold War. That’s a challenging part for Greece to have played and a tall order for Dr. Gerolymatos to fulfill, but he is up to the task.

To pull all these strands together, he starts his narrative with an event known as the “Execution of the Six” on November 29, 1922. That date is indelibly impressed on Greece’s collective memory when the Great Powers, for once, chose not to intervene and six scapegoats paid the ultimate price for attempting the pursuit of the Great Idea – “a vison of a greater Greece that hearkened back to the glories of classical Greece and the grandeur of Byzantium.”  It is a crucial time to begin the focus on the three civil wars, since all the principal personalities are present  and shortly everyone will be forced to choose between the KKE (communists) and the monarchy, as moderates were squeezed out. By introducing the characters early, we are given a much greater insight into their many faceted roles.  Based in part on recently declassified documents from Greece, the United States and British Intelligence Services, the author sheds new light on the aftershocks that have rocked Greece in the seven decades following the end of the civil wars.

Andre Gerolymatos is professor and director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation center for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University and, most recently, our Hellenism lecturer at the AHEPA Supreme Convention, in Montreal. Type your paragraph here.