Escaping Cyprus                                          Gus Constantine       

A Marc’s Book Shelf selection for                                                   “Best Independent Fiction of 2015”

A retired United Parcel Service driver with a love for Cyprus and writing, who wanted to document the true story of the Turkish atrocities in order to honor those Cypriots, who lost their lives and the 1,587 men, women and children who permanently disappeared after the illegal Turkish invasion and were never accounted for.

This is a historical novel based on extensive research and detailed interviews in the United States and Cyprus, personally conducted by the author. The atrocities described in the novel are, unfortunately, all too true and factual.

The story begins when Turkish soldiers invade the Cypriot village in 1974, of twelve-year old Haji, who witnesses brutal atrocities, including his pregnant mother being repeatedly raped and then the torture and brutal murders of his father, mother, and sister. With the help of his beautiful school teacher Rebecca, (dishonored many times by Turkish soldiers), they flee their village constantly facing life-threatening dangers, as they try to avoid the brutally barbaric Turkish soldiers. They struggle to survive the Turkish occupation and to erase the horrible memories that haunt them and lead to the dramatic ending.                                                                                                                                                                           

It’s a compelling read to fully appreciate the savagery of the Turkish atrocities committed during the Cyprus invasion.ype your paragraph here.