Struggle and Success
Third Edition
                                          Peter C. Maskos and Charles C. Maskos                                   Price = $25.00

This is an engrossing account of Greek Americans  - their history, strengths, conflicts, aspirations, and contributions. Blending sociological insight with historical detail, Peter C. and Charles C. Moskos trace the Greek-American experience from the wave of mass immigration in the early 1900s to today. This is the story of immigrants, most of whom worked hard to secure middle-class status. It is also the story of their children and grandchildren, many of whom maintain an attachment to Greek ethnic identity even as they have become one of America’s most successful ethnic groups.

As the authors rightly note, the true measure of Greek-Americans is the immigrants themselves who came to America without knowing the language and without education. They raised solid families in the new country and shouldered responsibilities for those in the old. They laid the basis for an enduring Greek-American community.

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 Charles Moskos jokingly when referring to "his bestseller" that it was only bought by Greek Americans, which might very well be true but it is clearly a  must read for them. This completely revised edition begins with an introduction by Michael Dukakis, one of our more successful Greek Americans, and then focuses on topics that are of pressing interest to all of us. We will relate to the “Early Struggle” section, since we all have our own stories to tell. Many of us are still struggling through the “Brawn to Brains” transition. We know the church is still struggling to adjust to a secular society. The coverage on “Success in America’ will cause our collective chests to swell with pride. In keeping with the tradition of saving the best for last, the final section addresses “Maintaining a Greek American Identity - Present and Future”.  Charles Moskos’ original coverage was prescient, but Peter’ update is the reason to buy the new edition.