Loukoumi                                                                                                                                       $15.00
A children's book about a Little lamb named Loukoumi who was supposed to go to America with her family, but she got on the wrong plane and then the wrong train and then the wrong boat. In this international journey through Greece, France, Italy and Morocco, Loukoumi meets Fistiki the cat, Dean the dog and Marika the monkey, each helping Loukoumi find her way home. Come meet Loukoumi and friends as they embark on their very special adventure.                                                                  

 Growing Up with Loukoumi                                                                                                      $15.00  Loukoumi struggles with what she wants to be when she grows up. She considers becoming a firefighter, a judge, or a doctor. As she walks along, she encounters her friends including Gus the bear, Fistiki the cat, Dean the dog and Marika the monkey. Each friend explains to Loukoumi that she can be whatever her heart desires. If she wants to be a singing star, a policeman or even an Oscar winning actress, then she can do it! The key is that she must always believe in herself, stay positive and work hard, because if you believe in yourself your dreams will come true! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Loukoumi's Good Deeds -  Book & CD Narrated by Jennifer Anniston                              $15.00  Loukoumi and her friends Gus the Bear, Fistiki the Cat, Dean the Dog and Marika the Monkey, whether it's cleaning the house, lending a helping hand or showing your grandparents how much you love them, kids will find that each good deed is unique in its own special way and can make a huge difference in the lives of those around them. The book follows Loukoumi through her day as she discovers how easy it is to make other people happy by doing something nice.

Loukoumi and the Schoolyard Bully - Narrated by Nia Vladros                                          $15.00  Loukoumi is about to have a baby brother. When friends discuss what to name him, schoolyard bully, Igor the alligator, ridicules Loukoumi's name, which Loukoumi explains it means "sweet" in Greek and is a type of jelly candy with powdered sugar on top. During the course of the day, through several common interactions, Igor realizes that he and Loukoumi are more alike than he thought. In the end, he learns that bullying is not cool, and although Loukoumi's name is different, everyone is really the same.                                                                                                   
Loukoumi's Gift – Book & CD Narrated by John Anniston                                                    $15.00  Whether it's a thoughtful act, a handmade card, or a delicious cookie or cake, kids will learn that there are many cost free gifts that can make a huge difference in the lives of those around them. This message is especially important to kids during these tough economic times. The book encourages kids to do something nice or make something for their loved ones as evidenced from the book's recurring line: A gift is a thought your heart creates and need not cost a penny. A gift can be anything that you wish made for one or many. A thoughtful act, a handmade card, a delicious cookie or cake. The perfect gift comes straight from the heart; whatever it is you make. 

Loukoumi's Celebrity Cookbook                                                                                $20.00     Featuring Favorite Childhood Recipes by over 50 Celebrities                                                                                                 We all have a favorite childhood food that immediately conjures up carefree afternoons, endless days, and feelings of melt-in-your-mouth pleasure and comfort. Is yours buttered cinnamon toast? Your mama's potato salad? After-school English muffin pizzas? Eli Manning's lace cookies? Recipes from Ernie Anastos, Jennifer Aniston, John Aniston, Alexis Christoforous, Katie Couric, and many more mouthwatering recipes.